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In a world marked by the relentless pace of modern life, the pursuit of health and vitality can often feel like an unattainable dream. Yet, within the folds of struggle and the depths of personal experience, a beacon of hope emerges — a brand born from a profound story of regeneration and an unwavering commitment to holistic wellness. This is the story of Etara Wellness, a sanctuary of healing that bridges the ancient wisdom of natural remedies with the precision of evidence-based medicine.

The story of Etara is woven from the threads of personal transformation and an unyielding quest for renewal. Founder Rasha El Naggar's own journey through the shadows of an unknown chronic disease illuminated her path to healing. Enduring a three-year odyssey, she uncovered a wealth of knowledge and the boundless potential of naturopathic medicine. From the ashes of her personal struggles arose the driving force behind Etara's creation: the aspiration to empower others to embark on their own journeys of new beginnings.
The name 'Etara' reflects its essence, rooted in Arabic heritage and symbolizing vitality and healing. It bridges ancient remedies with modern precision, much like a sanctuary that marries compassion and technology.

The lotus, a symbol of rebirth, represents Etara's mission — guiding transformative journeys to health. A timeless emblem of hope, it aligns with Etara's aim to cultivate vitality. Etara Wellness is a brand driven by a passionate team of medical consultants who specialize in treating inflammation, chronic diseases, and physiologies burdened by toxicity. It radiates academic and scientific authority, delivering results that stand as a testament to its commitment. Etara is not just a name; it is the embodiment of the real, the authentic, and the transformative.

Our Approach

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine is a sophisticated form of medicine. The guiding principles of naturopathic medicine are to do no harm, trust in the body’s wisdom to repair itself, prevent disease, treat the whole person, address the underlying cause, and educate.

Natural treatment approaches and cutting-edge research are combined in naturopathic medicine to create the best possible treatment plan for each patient. Naturopathic doctors expertly design, customize, and adapt treatment plans to meet the needs of the individual while considering their biological, physiological, and social histories.

Our Toolkit consists of many modalities such as nutrition counseling, lifestyle modification, botanical medicine, homeopathy, nutraceuticals, cellular medicine, detoxification, IV therapy and vitamin shots, regenerative medicine, allopathic treatment, and physical medicine are only a few possible interventions.

Thanks to their extensive education and knowledge, naturopathic doctors can assist patients in attaining optimal health. Our licensed Naturopathic Doctors use conventional and advanced laboratory testing and clinical assessment to find inadequacies contributing to the disease process. It is critical to identify the underlying imbalance, eliminate any barriers impeding the body from functioning to its designed potential, and put the whole body back in a healthy, dynamic equilibrium. In addition, Dr. Rasha El Naggar provides integrative medical care for the entire family, from infants to the elderly.


Our Process

At Our Clinic, we operate differently! Addressing the disease's root cause is one of the tenets of naturopathic treatment. This sets us apart from other medical approaches.

We delve deeper through the collection of medical history and the use of cutting-edge lab tests in order to produce long-lasting outcomes. This advanced assessment allows for localizing inadequacies in the physiological and functional operations of the body. Once we've analyzed the subjective and objective information, we can create a comprehensive treatment plan to help you restore optimal health.

Accordingly, particularly in chronic, challenging-to-treat, or stealth infections, we utilize the following process.

Initial consultation

During the initial appointment, patients can freely express themselves and discuss their health objectives. At the end of the initial consultation, we will order basic and functional lab tests and provide a limited-scope treatment plan according to medical standards of care

Lab testing

The patient and the doctor will choose which functional lab test will be the most appropriate and pertinent after reviewing the patient's objectives and top priorities. Our providers will instruct the patient on how to order the labs at the first appointment.

Follow-up consultation

Our providers will explain in detail the results of the basic and functional lab tests and provide a thorough treatment plan. We will discuss the entire treatment plan and, accordingly, describe its implementation's timing.

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