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The prevalence of chronic diseases and inflammation is a hallmark of our century. However, Inflammation and chronic disease processes begin decades before the first indicators appear.  In recent years, abundant evidence suggests that having a robust immune system, a strong health foundation, and acting proactively and strategically is the wisest and only approach to fight the floods of inflammation and high toxicity in everyday life. An integrated approach to medicine is required and not discretionary or indulgent. 

Naturopathic Medicine offers proactive medicine with strategies that can result in long-term benefits and higher quality of life. Diabetes, thyroid disease, cardiometabolic disease, poor cognitive performance, anxiety, depression, and many other chronic diseases can be prevented years in advance.

Who benefits from a Naturopathic Medical Consultation

  • Healthy individuals who want to feel better and recognize that acting proactively before a health crisis is wiser and more cost-effective. 
  • Individuals with chronic diseases such as diabetes, thyroid disease, cardiometabolic disease, poor cognitive performance, anxiety, depression, hormonal dysregulation, adrenal fatigue, brain fog, age-related dementias, and chronic deep-seated infections.
  • Individuals with recognizable family History of chronic diseases such as thyroid, heart disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, Alzheimer’s, and immune system disorders who need to act strategically and or prophylactically. 
  • Individuals with elevated inflammation diminished healing capacity and decreased energy levels. 
  • Individuals that require a health reset might benefit from expert advice.

Our Approach

Our Toolkit consists of many modalities such as nutrition counseling, lifestyle modification, botanical medicine, homeopathy, nutraceuticals, cellular medicine, detoxification, IV therapy and vitamin shots, regenerative medicine, allopathic treatment, and physical medicine are only a few possible interventions.

Our Process

In her holistic approach to naturopathic medicine for digestive health, Dr. Rasha, a naturopathic doctor, uses various treatments to optimize gut health and improve the overall quality of life. Here is how the entire process works:

Step 1: Initial consultation and lab testing.

During the initial appointment, patients get to discuss their health goals. Then, at the end of the initial consultation, we will order basic and functional lab tests, from stool kits and food sensitivities to SIBO samples and micronutrient analysis.

Step 2: An initial follow-up visit for lab review and extended treatment.

Based on the results of these tests, Dr. Naggar will provide a naturopathic medicine treatment plan according to medical standards of care. As a naturopathic medicine doctor, Dr. Naggar’s treatment plans include diet and lifestyle modification, herbal medicine, homeopathy, stress management, craniosacral sessions, and naturopathic supplements for digestive health.

Step 3: Consecutive follow-up visits.

As discussed in the roadmap, we will manage the patient’s progress, modify the treatment plan, and address other conditions as and when needed. Our treatment plans include IV therapy for micronutrient deficiency, immune support, and craniosacral therapy sessions.

Dr. Naggar offers naturopathic medical consultations to address acute non-emergent health conditions such as cold and flu, bronchitis, allergies, headaches and migraines, Sinus infection, ear infection, stomach flu, digestive problems, and adjunctive COVID-19 support. 

She also treats Chronic medical conditions such as thyroid, adrenal fatigue, obesity, arthritis, heart disease, chronic respiratory diseases, autoimmune diseases, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes. Additionally, she accepts and helps manage and treat hard-to-diagnose conditions and chronic stealth infections such as EBV, HSV, and Lyme.